About the company

Cube System Polska Sp. z o. o. manufactures and designs equipment components for rail vehicles, watercraft and oil rigs, including comprehensive construction of ventilated façades.

We can produce either a small inspection manhole or an entire floor system. We can equip rail vehicles, buses and ships with built-in walls, ceilings, floors and everything else you may need.

We are likely the only company that produces entirely out of sandwich-type materials, which are lighter than the traditional ones.

Thanks to deep knowledge and experience gained on both national and international markets we offer products and services of the highest quality.

Client can suggest either their own construction solutions and design or commission it to our company. We are as equally flexible towards our customers as the material we build with. Our internal structure is as flat as a sheet of the metal we manufacture with, so we can work quickly.

Moreover, if a Client does not have the means to store their bought products, we offer warehouse space and transport accordingly to their requirements.

We have certificates and attestations that guarantee our Clients a product complying with the current compulsory norms and approvals.